Myriame, Master practitioner of Qi gong practice,Therapy holistic

For more then 20 years, Myriame Sunlight has been a magnetiser , an energetic specialist, an Master practitioner of Qi gong & meditation for the well being, helps in  healing, emotional wounds, nutritionist advisor based on the 5  yin&yang elements.

A unique Qi gong is acting on healing, a magical resource  for our present civilisation, we do not need to wait for years to aquire its benefit. You learn the wisdom of your physical body, you learn your emotional and spiritual evolution feelings , in order to go with the flow of your life, being fully aware by practicing precise and simple movements.

The earth is yin, Man is yin &yang ,Heaven  energy is yang. There is no choice between this or that, it is both :this & that, you'll learn all the structures of the body and discover the geometry of whole .You learn how energies circulate ,how they are consolidated through movements and they are nourishing your inner body by becoming stronger and be ready for any activity.

  • Qi gong lessons
  • Meditations
  • Circle of shamanic sounds
  • Webinars via
  • Conferences
  • Master class & Retreat
  • Long distance healing or in person
  • Energy cleaning of your home
  • Myriame sunlight YouTube
Maryanna, professeur de Qi Gong et thérapie holistique

QI GONG: positive energy gymnastics

It is a work of breathing by slow movements without acceleration of the heart, It is a work how to control the balance of the physical and mental energy, a way of  relaxation, back pain, sleep, stress, anxieties, arthritis, weight, digestion, joints, stimulates immunity, find your well-being, and how to strengthen our inner power.

Whatever your age, if you are athlete or not ,it's for every body ...

to subscribe and informations write to us at

Accessible to all ages: athletic or not.

"The energies are not created, are not destroyed, but are transformed completely"


Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy is the art of taking care of the human being as a whole

Pierre sacrée, Energie Qi chi Gong, thérapie holistique
I'm openings all blockages and meridians of the body then all your channels will be open so the Qi (chi) can flow, and you will get a deep connection with yourself, and feel the healing of your body & mind.

You knowingly know that everything is energy and that you are part of the universe : Distance is illusion.

To make an appointment in person or distance healing
Contact us,
Thank you
Use of sacred geometry

The Holistic Therapy can help you

If you have any problems, out of balance :

  • sleeping disorder, insomnia
  • breathing, sinus….
  • Emotions( stress, anxiety or depression )
  • Over weight or under weight
  • pains in the joints, arteries….
  • Digestive problems
  • low energy, constipation
  • any blockages in your body
  • pains in your spine ( low back, middle back, neck)
  • family conflict or loss of a loved one
  • Tinnitus
  • prevention for prostate


Maybe i’m the one who can help you !

Send us an email at for an appointment, thank you

Qi (shi) gong lessons + Taoist meditations

It is through simple and precise movements that lead you to personal development :physical, emotional & spiritual .You will build a solid fondation, health and good immunity.It is an Ancien art of healing , I transmit you a Qigong which trough its regular practice it will help you to heal for a life without pain.
Every thing is good better and best
For further information about the qigong classes or become a member

Conferences Thérapie Holistique et Qi Gong


I'm teaching :quantum physics, I'm teaching the QI gong points for self-healing.I'm teaching the formula of the 5 laws of creation.I'm teaching different ways to integrate the great turning point of our present time. I'm teaching the changing of yin & yang energy along the 4 seasons ( about nutrition, emotions, energy and directions.),.........
 …Each conference ends with an integration meditation.

Our last conference

Toutes les conférences sont notifiées sur le groupe ou par email pour les nouveaux participants .All the conferences will be notified on the group or by email to the new participants by email

Pour vous inscrire envoyez-nous un email : / subscribe send an email at

Maryanna, Qi Gong et thérapie holistique

Healing session long distance/ therapy holistic

If you have any problems, out of balance of:sleeping disorder, insomnia breathing, sinus…emotions( stress, anxiety or depression ) over weight or pains in the joints, arteries….Digestive, problem slow energy, constipation , blockages in your body, pains in your spine ( low back, middle back, neck) Maybe i’m the one who can help you !

Your body has its own power.
I will doing a holistic care,I will recirculate all the energies has been out of balance ,you will get a healing session
I will give you QI gong movements to practice so you will keep going and help the flow of energy to spread .

Contact & reservation at :

Master Class & Retreat

Every season we conduct master classes and retreats to balance the changing of energy physically, emotionally and spiritually so that you are well rooted in the present moment
send us an email at :
to keep you informed on the dates and location ,
Thank you & welcome

Well being consultant

I will do the metaphysical study of your person, I untie all the energies that have been physically and mentally contorted and you will get healing sessions  and private qigong classes & access to the conferences.
to subscribe:

495€ / month
daily help


It is the study of your structure of yin & yang energies at your birthdate which is allowing you to know yourself better physically and mentally and give you a direction of action in your work, in your relationships and in your physical state for the year 2024!
Send a email to reserve your order for the year 2024
you will get the resume after 15.... days .

Retreat / stage

Every spring and fall season ...There are retreatand class
You will learn how to be aware of the present moment & synchronisation: just be in peace in the deep of yourself and how to expand your awareness ( 3 levels of conscience)
You will practice Zen meditations and Qi gong ,
you will get a transmission shamanic with the nature.
you will get always a great surprise!! during the event !
you will come back home refresh, in full alignment with yourself , totally transform ...
Send us your email to get on the list to get all the informations in time , thank you

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Qi (shi) gong lessons + Taoist meditations

3 Qi Gong lessons / week
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Each month, you will be able to attend the 3 conferences
To subscribe send a email to:

3 conferences = 90€
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Consultation for well-being

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495€ / month


“Feeling good with a smile on my face”

Hi Myriame, You have magic long distance healing, i cannot thank-you enough for helping me to heal of my toxic life and put my focus on the right direction, For the past few months after receiving your treatment and qi gong practice I feel my body light and chronic back pain release and feeling good with a smile on my face.


“So nice to feel wellbeing”

Hi Myriame ,
First time I get healing holistic, it is very powerful and so soft , I will see you again for sure, it's so nice to feel wellbeing.


“I feel no more pains on my back”

Hi Myriame,
thank-you for your long distance healing and qi gong movements I feel no more pains on my back thank-you so much also for your positive energy.

Tycho the Netherlands

“impossible to try to explain how relieved and happy I am”

Dear Myriame,
Came to see you about 6 months which a pain on my back, bad sleep wrong digestion and so on, I just wanted to say thank-you as since I came to see you I would find it impossible to try to explain how relieved and happy I am, you are a very special person with a very special thank-you

Kim B

“I no longer consider myself a victime of circonstances”

HI, Myriame
I listen your informations and put them in practice
I have a much more empowerea relationship with life, I’m no longer consider myself a victime of circonstances, yes the shift happen thank-you so much for your kindness & spirit so happy of contagious !


“surprise how it work so good”

Dear Myriame,
After my first long distance healing experience, I have been yes surprise how it work so good, thank -you so much to be who you are and give to us the opportunity to open news doors, be aware of the kingdom of potentielle we have all of us and be inconditionnel happy that the Key thank-you again Cheers



The power of the present moment is preparation for the future.
Take advantage of this time at home to study, reorganize, make change in order to build a good solid foundation for a new horizon!

Everything Happens online or in person;
Group lessons Monday, Wednesday, Friday ,Saturday
Conferences:sunday evening 6pm
For holistic consultations, skype, WhatsApp


T-shirt with the Logo of Myriame Sunlights. It will help you to connect in your present action. Size: S-M-L or XL ............order now at

T-shirt with the Logo of Myriame Sunlights. It will help you to connect in your present action. Size: S-M-L or XL ............order now at

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This book is intended for an education of healthy and simple techniques and practices that will promote the well-being of the child with confidence.

This book is intended for an education of healthy and simple techniques and practices that will promote the well-being of the child with confidence.

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It is not intended as a replacement for any medical treatment or therapy prescribed by a physician or other licensed health care provider .you need to ask your doctor.